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minecraft pocket edition
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19th Sep 2014

I think minecraft pocket edition has grown over the years and well this is something i have to ask who is out there waiting for 0.10.0 to come out with skin but we are always being delayed were still behind of the computer version and console version how do you think we feel ? Alright today I am going to see what I can do about finding more about mcpe versions 0.10.0-1.0.0 and up let's hope microsoft puts the nether in the next update it will also be nice to have a better way to look at our selves instead of going into our GUI. What I am expecting in mcpe next update after 0.10.0 is sprinting, hunger, sneaking and enchantment and the all powerful iron golem and snow golem.

leave in comments what you are looking for in the next updates ?
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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